Multigun and Outlaw Matches

Outlaw Matches

For some of you new to the shooting world, you might not have heard of an Outlaw match before.  An Outlaw match is any shooting match that is held by a club that isn't directly associated with a national shooting organization, or any match that varies from the set rules of that shooting organization.  As we are an IDPA club, any Multigun match we run outside of the IDPA Defensive Multigun rules (we don't run any DMG matches) is considered an Outlaw match.  

Our Multigun Matches

As an Outlaw match, we have some leeway in holding our matches the way we see fit.  All of our matches are held using IDPA safety rules unless otherwise noted.  We also use IDPA targets.  Scoring is done in accordance with USPSA Multi-gun standards (but with IDPA hit zones).    Match fees are $20 unless noted.  As we are a small club, and offer no prizes or rewards.  Divisons are Standard/Tac-Optics/Open.  Shots will be anywhere from point blank out to 250 yards, which is the limit of the ranges we shoot on.  


We hold our Outlaw matches on the 4th Saturday of each month.  Setup at 8am, and safety brief around 9am.  Because the match may be different from month to month (we don't hold 3-gun matches when it is 105 degrees out, for example) please refer to our Facebook page for exact details.  We try to get each match planned at the first of the month.  

Types of Matches

Our Outlaw match can be a 3-gun, 2-gun (Rifle/Pistol or Shotgun/Pistol), BUG/Shotgun, or even just a Rifle or Shotgun only match.  Things we consider when deciding on matches are the weather, expected turnout, how many safety officers will be available, and competing with any major matches that may be taking place on the same day.

What types of Gun/Equipment We Allow

For our Outlaw matches, we allow any competitive equipment common to 3-gun shooting sports, it does not have to be strictly IDPA legal.  If it is safe, and allowed in USPSA/IMG/3GN, we allow it as well.  We also allow Tactical/Military equipment.   If a sling is necessary, it will be annouced ahead of time.   

Full power rifle cartridges such as .308/260/30-06 are allowed, but ultra high velocity cartridges are not allowed.  If the bullet is leaving the muzzle faster than a typical 5.56/5.45 bullet, consider it not allowed because it is too hard on our steel targets.  We allow M855/7n6 bullets, but nothing truly armor piecing for the same reason.  

We also allow AR/AK pistols to be shot as rifles, and PCCs as well.  If you wanted to shoot an AR on a long range stage, then switch to a PCC for all of the short range stages, that is allowed.  

For Shotgun, it must be 20 gauge or larger.  All shot must be lead.  Steel/Tungsten/Hevishot, or any other hardened pellets are not allowed.  All shot must be #5 or smaller.  Slugs and Buckshot may only be used when specifically called for in the stage design.  No specialty shot shells are allowed.  We don't allow "dutch loading", which is when slugs are loaded into the gun with the intent to be used after engaging birdshot targets.  We recommend shotguns be able to be choked to at least Improved Cylinder.

For handguns, they must be 9mm/38spl or larger.  We still do not allow cross-draw or appendix holstes.  Reholstering a drawn pistol is not allowed.


Not everything can be covered here, if you have a question that hasn't been answered, please ask it on our Facebook page.