IDPA Match Information


Basic Schedule

We hold our IDPA Matches on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Setup starts at 8am, with the safety briefing starting at around 9am.  You need to be present for the safety briefing to shoot the match.  These matches, depending on delays, number of shooters, weather, etc, will usually last until 12pm or 1pm.  After that we are responsible for packing up all of our equipment into our sheds. 


The match fee is $20.

Round Count

A typical match will have a round count of 80-90 pistol.  We however recommend bringing 150 rounds for make-up shots and any possible re-shoots.  

What to Expect

After holding our safety briefing, we will conduct a walk through as a group.  The stage designer will brief everyone on the scenario for the stage.  We typically will have five stages (courses of fire) per match.  After going through all of the stages, we will divide up into groups and start shooting.  For each stage, each shooter of each group will have an opportunity to shoot.  After each shooters, the group will reset the stage and prepare it for the next shooter.  New shooters will typically go last, so they can see several examples from more experienced shooters.

Necessary Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection are required for all shooters and spectators.  
  • An IDPA legal pistol and three magazines (If magazines hold less than eight rounds, more are allowed)
  • The shooter will be required to have a strong-side belt holster for his pistol that is suitable for all day carry.  Race holsters, cross draw, appendix carry and ankle holsters are not allowed.  Inside the Waistband (IWB) are allowed.  Drop and Offset holsters are allowed for women shooters.  
  • The shooter must also have a concealment garment to cover the gun when required (most stages do require this).  This can be a T-shirt, a vest, jacket, etc.  
  • Exceptions are made for Law Enforcement/Military shooting duty belts/equipment.  
  • While not required it is highly recommended to have magazine pouches for additional ammo.
  • Remember to bring water.